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Updated: Apr 22, 2020

HEY... COVID-19 has definitely changed what normal is... How we operate as a society and even our day to day in our homes... For some, this quarantine has been a time of grief and mourning while for others that have taken in the collateral beauty of it. We can really see that families are forced to be families, time has slowed down and given the earth a chance to breath. I know parents have def developed a new respect for teachers! And individually we actually have time to look in the mirror and appreciate ourselves. We can appreciate ourselves in the rawest form that we have ever been. Social distancing also gave away to social pressures and demands. During this quarantine I had to finally take my extensions out of my hair and had to learn to really love all parts of me just as I am and something so amazing happened to me, I started really caring about what I was eating because I wanted to eat the right fruits and veggies that would improve my health. I started reading about what shampoo is better for my texture hair... My thoughts also started to change my stress level and social anxieties began disapaiting and my only concern is really how do I enhance my beauty by just putting more effort in myself care. So I started by switching shampoo prior to quarantine I was washing my hair daily with or probably every other day after I took my extensions out with Tresemme after my research I realized probably the worse thing I could be doing for my texture hair... Which I also never took the time to learn that my texture is about a 4C. So after reading a few blogs I went straight to Walmart and bought Shea Moisture daily Hydrating shampoo and I used as directed and I notice my hair change immediately. it was so amazing I actually started learning my hair. As I kept reading more and more about what I need to grow strong healthy hair I came across Chébé powder and the amazing length Chadian women were growing there hair and I decided I needed this for my hair. I decided I was going create a product that I could share with other women going through the same journey...

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